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Regina Miller

June 7, 2018

All the staff are extremely knowledgeable, eager to please and always friendly. When I picked out my engagement ring they custom made a wedding band to match. Very pleased. Complimentary cleaning every 6 months too. Extremely happy I chose them.

tonya amstutz

April 15, 2018

Christian and his team are absolutely AMAZING!!! The custom jewelry that he makes (and my husband buys for me!) Is stunning and I get compliments on those pieces all the time! My husband bought my engagement ring and wedding band in California, and when he wanted to give me an anniversary band, he realized that the store had gone out of business. Christian was able to duplicate the exact construction of the band and build two of them for me over the years! Recently, my husband took my rings in to get cleaned, and the main stones setting was loose. They did a temporary fix (as I was leaving for a business trip) and told my husband we needed to come back in for a full repair. I totally forgot about it, and they called me to remind me! I was so very thankful to receive that call. Christian and his entire team are all about customer service and they truly know how to deliver!!!

Kelsey Spencer

May 15, 2018

Absolutely love this place. He custom made my wedding bands to match my engagement ring. They turned out perfect. This is the only jewelry store I will go to now. Earings from years ago they replaced the sapphires for a very reasonable price. Great people and beautiful jewelry.

Laurel Galehouse

June 4, 2018

House of Silva is amazing!! I have been going here for miscellaneous jewelry repairs and purchases for years and they just keep getting better. Shout out to Jennifer who not only helps me find exactly what I’m looking for, but is just a gem of a woman!

Samantha Murphy

May 21, 2018

Christian Silva has created five pieces of jewelry for us that are stunning! His creativity and attention to detail is unmatched. His customer service is fabulous and his staff is incredibly friendly and personable.