Custom Design

House of Silva specializes in custom design. In fact, we have created an entire department based around it with a "Design Center" (a desk where we sit together and work through the process), a highly trained staff and our own in house manufacturing facility we call House of Silva manufacturing. With all of the state of the art equipment you'd expect to see in a facility in NYC. Custom making a treasured piece at de Silva collections is an extraordinary experience, as it should be. 

With our computer aided design (CAD) software we sit with you at the design center and create from your ideas or ours, depending on what you are looking for. Our CAD allows you to see designs in full color, from multiple angles and with changes done right before your eyes. After a design is finalized it goes to our wax grower to have a model made to precise measurements not capable by the human hand. Once you see and approve the model of the piece it goes to the hands of one of our skilled master jewelers, who use their years of expertise to bring the model to life in precious metal and gemstones or diamonds. Stop in or call for an appointment at our Custom Design Center or contact us about the design you would like created.